Tree Service Company – Athens, GA

Tree Service

Our team of experts at Porterfeild Stump and Tree offer a high quality tree service care that is unique to the Athens area. We will complete any size tree service job swiftly with precision and care. Our Athens, Georgia team will do everything from tree removals and extensive after storm damage to basic tree trimming and maintenance. Having well taken care of trees will not only create a tranquil outdoor backdrop to your Athens property but they also increase the resale value of your home. Porterfield Stump and tree have earned a reputation throughout the Athens area for being courteous and thoughtful while doing impeccable tree service for your home or business.

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Tree Removal

Porterfield Stump and tree tries to avoid removing Athens, Georgia trees whenever possible. We do our best to make sure that if we do have to preform a tree removal, it is absolutely necessary and we have exhausted all efforts to save it. Some of the most common reasons for tree removal in Athens, GA are: trees or limbs that are creating safety hazards, dead or dying trees, rotting roots, decaying trunks, storm aftermath, diseased trees, removal for new Athens construction, cracks on the trunk, or trees growing too close to  Athens buildings or roadways.  When tree removal is needed it should always be done by a reputable experienced professional. Porterfield Stump and tree has been removing trees in the Athens, Georgia area for years. We have the most up to date equipment and have the precision and expertise to make sure every tree removal in Athens, GA is done correctly.

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Tree Trimming

At Porterfield Stump and Tree we have been taking care of the tree trimming and pruning needs of the Athens, Georgia community for many years now. We are experts at the local tree landscape and know exactly what it takes to create the best aesthetics and environment for your Athens home or commercial property. In the younger trees of Athens, GA we mostly focus on corrective pruning and thinning to increase durability and create a structurally sound branch for every limb on your tree.  On older trees our tree trimming focuses on removing dead or damaged branches, decreasing branch weight, and increasing light penetrability. We also do canopy raising and will trim branches growing over or into a Athens, GA sidewalk, roadway or building. If you have a tree trimming or pruning need Porterfield Stump and Tree will be able to help you. We are absolute experts at Athens tree trimming and we are very affordable.

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Stump Grinding

Do you have a stump that you want removed? Porterfield Stump and Tree uses only the best equipment on the market to do a full stump removal for anyone in the Athens, Georgia area. There are a few reasons for needing to grind out a stump. It could be a newly cut down tree, tip over stumps from storm damage, or maybe it is just a stump that has been around for a while and you recently noticed it has become bug infested. Whatever the case Porterfield Stump and Tree will make sure that your Athens, Georgia stump is removed in a safe efficient manner.  Our top of the line stump grinders are run exclusively by professional stump grinding operators. After the stump grinding is complete we will leave you with usable mulch for your Athens, Georgia landscape. Call Porterfield Stump and Tree today to get a free quote on Athens, GA stump grinding today! 

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