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Emergency Tree Service Savannah GA and Surrounding Areas


Licensed Insured Emergency Tree Contractors Respond to Hurricane Aftermath

Call Matt Porterfield @ (706) 540-1420 for 24/7  immediate responses to emergency tree removals in or near Savannah, GA and the surrounding areas.

Porterfield Stump and Tree carries $2,000,000 in general liability insurance and has extensive storm damage experience. Having responded to numerous hurricanes on the eastern seaboard, including Hurricane Sandy, Porterfield Stump and Tree is available to Savannah, GA metropolitan residents for all facets of emergency tree removals, including; removing fallen trees, removing trees from houses, removing fallen limbs, hazardous tree removals, storm damage cleanup, and more.

Call Matt Porterfield @ (706) 540-1420 for immediate responses to emergency tree removals.

Cabling & bracing are one of the most effective ways to save trees.


Porterfield Stump and Tree is committed to supporting the trees in our communities. One of the most effective ways to save trees that would otherwise be taken down is cabling and bracing. Our company is passionate about cabling and bracing because through doing it properly we have saved hundreds of Athens and Watkinsville trees. In situations where most tree service companies would just order a tree removal, we look closely at the tree. Is there any way to save it? We do our best to redirect trees that grow too close to buildings or structures and take branches that are weak or could possibly be a hazard in a wind storm and make them safe again.  Our cabling and bracing technicians are experts in repairing trees that have been damaged by wind, lighting or storms. We cable and brace Athens and Watkinsville trees in such a way that it does not hurt the tree and is aesthetically pleasing.

It takes trees years to mature into full grown shade trees. If you have a tree that you want to stay on your property but you are worried that it may not be structurally sound, call Porterfield Stump and Tree. We are a local company that knows the ins and the outs of Athens and Watkinsville trees. When it comes to cabling and bracing you won’t find anyone in the area that is more versed. We will come out to your home or business free of charge and talk with you about your tree to see if cabling and bracing is a good option for you.

Emergency Tree Service Athens & Watkinsville


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years from Porterfield Stump and Tree, serving Athens, Watkinsville and surrounding areas. Every winter while our neighbors and friends celebrate the holiday season our crews are hard at work. Often harsh weather leads to Watkinsville and Athens tree emergencies. If a tree falls on your house on Christmas day Porterfield Stump and Tree is the company to call. We are dedicated to our customers and our community.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night if you have a tree emergency we will be there. If a tree falls on your home or property or you suspect that one might our highly trained crews will come out immediately, assess the situation and remove the threat. When it comes to emergency tree service Athens GA there is no better company to call. We are open 7 days a week 24 hours a day for your convenience. Our tree removal technicians have years of experience removing some of the toughest most treacherous tree jobs in the area.

We always put safety first and make sure that our crew members have state of the art equipment to work with. Porterfield Stump and Tree has a perfect safety record which allows us to keep our insurance costs low and we make sure that we pass those savings on to our customers. In the tree service industry emergency tree service is usually one of the most expensive services because our response time is immediate and it is often more dangerous. Porterfield Stump and Tree in Watkinsville and Athens, always gives our customers a fair price. We don’t price gouge even in the largest storms and we work with all insurance companies. At Porterfield Stump and Tree we believe in excellent customer service, fair prices and absolute safety. So as you enjoy this holiday season you can rest easy knowing that Porterfield Stump and Tree is here for you if you should ever need us.

4 (Not So) Easy Ways to Remove A Tree Stump

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11049_871779430502_760558082_nDo it yourself tree stump removal is a big deal. Stumps are extremely difficult to remove without the use of a stump grinder. Before you take on your stump removal journey, give us a call for a free stump removal quote. If you’re any where near Athens, Watkinsville, Bogart, Winterville, Lake Oconee or the surrounding area, I can help you get your stumps removed quickly and for a great price. But, just in case you’re stubborn like me and like to do things yourself, here are some other, (much more difficult ways), you can remove a stump.

1. Chemicals – There aren’t any magic chemicals that will eliminate your your stump. You may consider, however, using chemicals to making the wood more porous and easier to burn. Porous wood can burn a little easier with more oxygen .

2. Burn it down! – Before you go douse gasoline on your stump and set it on fire, you should know that fire is a terribly slow process for eliminating a stump. Trees flare out when underground and the low oxygen in the stump can make it difficult to burn out of the ground. If you’re very patient and ready to have many fires – we recommend creating an oven with  metal or a bucket over the top of your stump and burning a little at a time.

3. Assisted Decomposition – If you have a tremendous amount of time, you may consider helping nature in decomposing your stump. This process takes years but it works. Start by drilling 1 inch holes in your stump and add a high nitrogen fertilizer, like cow manure. Insulate the stump with a tarp or cover it with pine straw, or the like, and keep it moist. After a year, use a carbon based additive like sugar instead of manure.

4. Get a Bigger Shovel – Good ole’ fashion labor can almost always do the job. With any luck, you had kids approximately 10-18 years prior to having your tree removed! You can dig your stump out with the use of yard tools like pick axes shovels and axes. We suggest digging a trench around the stump and eliminate the roots. Get ready for some work… this is going to take some time.

If you’re maybe starting to reconsider the DIY versions of stump removal, we understand! Stump grinding is quite simply the fastest and most efficient way to remove tree stumps. Our stump grinders will grind even the biggest stumps in no time.


Call for a free stump removal quote and get your stump out today!

Why Hire a Professional Tree Service Company to Plant Your Trees?


Trees bring value and enjoyment to properties. The character trees bring to a home and the landscaping of a business has no parallel. They offer shade to homeowners for cooling during the summer and protection in the winter. For commercial properties, trees make the property more attractive, and can reduce HVAC and maintenance costs. Studies have shown that having trees decreases crime rates and improves air quality. There are few things better in life than a Athens, GA evening barbequing with friends and family sitting under the shade of an old growth oak tree. Porterfield Stump and tree will plant your tree correctly so that you can enjoy its shade and create peaceful memories beneath its limbs for years to come. There are so many benefits that trees offer to homeowners and commercial property owners, it makes sense to maximize those benefits using a professional tree service company when it comes to planting your Athens or Watkinsville, GA trees.

Porterfield Stump and Tree Service is a local small business, servicing Athens and Watkinsville, Georgia and we are experts in planting trees to enhance the landscape of residential and commercial properties. We will maximize your properties potential by planting trees that suit your landscape and will be a long term asset to your home or business. At Porterfield Stump and Tree we are used to working with new construction, planning for future root growth and creating plans for what the area will look like 20 or 30 years down the road when the tree is fully grown.

Although planting a tree sounds simple: dig a hole, put the tree in it, cover it with dirt, and let it grow; unfortunately, it’s not that easy. A healthy looking tree planted without a professional’s advice and expertise could cause problems. For example, a normal and vibrant tree can block vital sunlight needed to reach grass, shrubs, or other plants trying to grow beneath them. Also, a tree’s thick foliage can block air circulation inside the tree area. Combining this with low light can hinder leaf growth from within the tree, which creates and environment that promotes the growth of unwanted insects and fungi.

Planting a tree too deep can cause the tree to die, both immediately or 15-20 years down the road. The most common problem that ensues from incorrectly depth tree planting is trunk girdling roots. This can take years to kill the tree but will ultimately cause tree failure. Getting your trees planted by a professional that knows the local Watkinsville, and Athens, GA, environment and what tree species will do the best and how to make them thrive is a no brainer.

Porterfield Stump and Tree Service offers tree planting for Athens, Watkinsville and the surrounding areas. We will not only plant the tree and make sure it is done correctly the first time, but we will ensuring it grows to be healthy and strong, and is cared for throughout its life. We offer tree trimming and pruning services to extend your trees life and make sure that you only get the benefits of owning property with trees. Dead trees and rotted limb removal are vital since loose and dead tree limbs can damage properties including the roof and windows in storms.

A local company knows the climate and area best and will utilize the best trees that perform well in that environment. Porterfield Stump and Tree is local! We have been serving Watkinsville and Athens, GA, tree planting for more than a decade. We know what trees can offer the best protection for the weather as well as hold up in its most extreme conditions. We can advise you on where trees should be planted, how close to structures, what a trees root systems and limbs will do in the future, if the tree is going to drop any unwanted fruits and what kind of maintenance the tree will actually require. Hiring a local Athens, GA tree planting expert is the most invaluable asset in ensuring your tree planting turns out beautiful and as functional as possible.

Porterfield Stump and Tree Service is innovative, and focuses on safety for our customers and employees. As a small local business, Porterfield Stump and Tree also focuses on customer service. Here our customers are also our neighbors. We want to do everything in our power to create a beautiful place to call home. Porterfield Stump and Tree is environmentally friendly and strives to give back to the community. We provide local schools and parks with beautifying mulch after shredding a removed tree, which is practical and sustainable. We always help out in the community where we can.

When it comes to beautifying, protecting, or improving your property, look no further than Porterfield Stump and Tree Service for Watkinsville, and Athens, GA tree planting. Call (706) 714-8733


How do you know when tree removal Athens, GA, is needed?


At Porterfield Stump and Tree we are committed to keeping trees whenever possible. Our extensive work with cabling, bracing, dead wooding, and trimming have saved many Athens, GA trees from being removed. There are a lot of reasons to have a tree removed; if it is pulling up the sidewalk or your driveway, if the tree is dropping unwanted fruit or sap, if you can’t keep up with the tree maintenance or if the root system is growing into your pipes.  The most important reason we feel to remove a tree is that it has become a danger to your home, family or business, and it should be looked at right away.

At Porterfield Stump and Tree we inspect trees on a daily basis to see if they are structurally sound and should be removed.

The first thing we look at is the tree as a whole. Is the tree leaning? Are the branches forked at the trunk? Is the tree overall structurally sound? Is the tree diseased? How much of the tree is visibly dead? Is it more than 50%? All of these things and more we take into consideration when looking at the overall health of your tree and determining if it is a safety hazard and if it is in your best interest to have the tree removed.

If a tree is growing too close to your home or business this is a good reason to have it removed. When a tree starts to grow into or over your home or business it can become a huge safety hazard. Wind storm can knock branches off onto your roof causing thousands in damage. The root systems can cause foundation and structural damage also very expensive.

One of the things that we will do is check your tree’s root systems. You can find out a lot about how the tree is doing by its roots. We check for structure, damage and rot. When there are problems with the root systems this can be one of the biggest red flags. The roots are what holds up the tree, so if there are problems with the roots you can be in big trouble. The tree could fall and is an extreme safety hazard. In these cases the tree should be removed immediately. Porterfield Stump and Tree has a perfect safety record and will perform any Athens, GA, tree removal safely and efficiently.

Porterfield Stump and tree will always look at the trunk of the tree.  We look for cracks or rotten places or anything that shows that the tree could be structurally compromised. You will often see infestation, rot and decay in the truck of the tree. We will inspect any cavities for structural deficiencies. If the tree is dying we can often see it in the trunk of the tree if the tree trunk is cracked or missing bark.

The staff at Porterfield Stump and Tree are all extensively trained and have years of experience to see exactly what is going on with any given tree. We have seen every problem that Athens, GA, trees face a hundred times over. We will be able to look at your tree and see if it is a safety hazard and tell you if Athens GA, tree removal is needed.

Oconee 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular

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This year we are proudly sponsoring the Oconee 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular broadcast, live by WMSL 88.9 FM. We absolutely appreciate the community we live in, and are more than happy to give back by making the Oconee Fireworks Specatular broadcast by 88.9 FM possible.

Here are the details of this year’s Oconee 4th of July Fireworks Spectactular. We hope you enjoy the show!

WHERE: Oconee Veteran’s Park, 3500 A Hog Mountain Road, Watkinsville GA 30677

WHEN: The spectacular opens at 6:30PM – The fireworks start at 9:30PM.

WHAT: Fireworks! Concerts, Great Food & Kids activities (inflatables, rock wall, glitter tattoos & more!)

FOOD: Thomas BBQ, ESP Burgers & Dogs, Bahama Daiquiris & Sausages, Chick-fil-A, Southern Girl, Fox’s Pizza, Hot  Paw Paw’s P’Nuts, Piccolo’s Italian Ice, Edible Arrangements, and Veterans Committee Watermelon Stand


The Fireworks Spectacular will begin at 6:30PM EST while the actual fireworks show will start at 9:30PM EST. The 4th of July Fireworks show will be held live at Veterans Park in Watkinsville, GA, located at Oconee Veteran’s Park, 3500 A Hog Mountain Road, Watkinsville GA 30677. The 116th Georgia Army National Guard band will be headlining the musical entertainment this year. During the Spectacular the band will perform country and rock music and later they will be switching to an orchestra and perform a patriotic concert that begins at 9PM EST.

There will also be concerts featured on the air prior to the show that will include Georgia Country Music Artist of the Year, Scott Brantley who will be performing with Athen’s own Laughlin. The national Anthem will be performed by the University of North Georgia Men’s Ensemble.

During the Spectacular there will be a KIDS ZONE that will feature a rock wall, glitter tattoos, and multiple inflatables for families with kids.

Porterfield Stump and Tree would like to thank our Nation’s Veterans and those serving every day to make freedom a possibility for the greatest nation on Earth.

Thank you!

We hope y’all enjoy the fireworks show this year, tune in to 88.9FM to hear the music arrangement that will be coordinated with the Fireworks show.


Tree Service | Choosing The Right Company

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If you’re in the market for a tree service company in the Athens, GA area you’re probably going to check around for a good price, and a company with a reasonable track record. It’s important that you know that price and value are not the same thing. You should know what it means when someone offers to cut your tree down for $50 and a 6 pack, as well as what it means when someone decides that half of the value of your home is what it will take to remove the 10 ft apple tree in your back yard.

First, you should know about big brand tree companies. These are the companies with big names that have even bigger prices. National companies will charge you a fortune for doing any sort of tree work. The good thing about big name tree services is that, yes, they are licensed, insured and carry workers compensation. These are all vitally important, however, the name is what you are really paying for. Choosing a local company that is also licensed, insured, and carries workers comp will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Let’s take a look at the complete opposite; a guy, a truck, and a chainsaw. Ah, yes. Good ‘ole redneck ingenuity. We all have a guy in our group of friends that has a chainsaw and can climb a tree. However, these are not the qualifications for a reliable and trustworthy tree service. Sure, JimBob is a great guy, he ran for 500 yards in high school and rocks a mullet, but he’s not the guy you want toting a chainsaw around your property while drinking Pabst and rocking out to Kansas.

Choosing a company that has insurance on both the work they do and the employees that do it is just good common sense. Your home is arguably your greatest asset, and is not something to take chances on.

Porterfield Stump and Tree is locally owned, fully insured, and carries workers compensation on every employee (we also perform pre-employment drug testing). We are right there in the sweet spot where solid experience and good old fashioned service meet a great price from a local company. We don’t charge big brand prices, nor do we drink on the job.

We may rock out to Kansas… Kansas is awesome.

Porterfield Stump and Tree would love to earn your business. If you would like a free estimate, please contact us.