Ways Trees Can Damage Your Property That You Might Not Know

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Trees are highly valued in the environment for their ability to give shade, wind protection, water filtering, and aesthetic value. While trees are beautiful, their roots may cause significant damage to houses, foundations, backyards, pavement, and plumbing systems, costing thousands of dollars in repair. Poor planning and selecting the wrong tree kind for a particular site are frequently to blame.

Here are ways your trees can damage your property that you might not know:

1. Damage to Your Plumbing

Trunk roots can damage or mess with plumbing lines by pushing them up against walls and making them back up or flood. In addition to causing plumbing issues, trees can make it hard to keep your property in good condition. The root mass of mature trees can grow to be huge. When they are located near foundations and houses, they can damage your home’s structural integrity.

Some tree species, such as willows, maples, and aspens, are particularly invasive because their root systems can spread as far as they need to find water.

2. Damage to Landscape

While trees can be valuable additions to the landscape, their roots can take over areas intended for other plants, causing elaborate and costly plantings to fail. Moreover, growths rising from the roots can damage a driveway, patio, or walkway. Tree roots can even breach the ground surface, leading to unsightly bumps.

3. Damage to Pavements

Tree roots can cause concrete, asphalt, and brick sidewalks to be damaged. They will lift the pavement from the ground and create cracks, allowing water to penetrate and cause expensive water damage to your basement or foundation.

Tree roots can cause sidewalks and other hard surfaces to crack and become uneven. Roots need to have room to grow, and they will tend to flex outward, especially when they are near surfaces such as concrete.

4. Damage to Roofs and Plumbing

Tree branches can do a lot of damage to a roof. They can fall and hit the ceiling, push through the roof, or break off and fall. Additionally, under or right below your home’s roof are places where some root systems are hard to see. This can make it difficult to spot complications above and underneath your property.

5. Damage to Turf

Trees are often planted in part of the garden because they are attractive. But the roots of some species, like maples and box elders, can grow out a foot a year.

The roots of young trees are small, so they can’t pull up grass or other plants. On the other hand, Taller trees may have roots that grow far longer and may damage the root systems of other plants.

6. Damage to Pools

Tree roots are a serious hazard to any pool they are growing near. Root systems can undermine and penetrate the sides of properly constructed pools, causing the walls or bottom of the pool to collapse. If a tree is already in the ground, nothing can be done about it.


Trees can be an invaluable addition to any property, bringing shade, aesthetic beauty, and even revenue from fruit. But as trees mature, their root systems can infringe on your property and cause extensive damage to your home. If tree roots extensively damage your home, contact a tree removal company to eliminate the hazard.

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