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Tree Evaluations Watkinsville, GA, & Athens, GA

Removing dead dying and diseased trees is of utmost importance as a precursor for maintaining a safe environment.

Porterfield Stump and Tree specializes in diagnosis of diseased trees. There are many things that can cause a tree to be sick and potentially hazardous. Herbicides, viral infections, bacteria, nematodes, pest or insect infestations, and  root or crown rot, old age, or weather to name a few.  Matt Porterfield has spent his life studying and learning about the specific trees in the Athens Georgia area and the complications associated with them. Being able to analyze leaves, color, roots, soil, branches, trunk, location and overall appearance is imperative to issuing the correct diagnosis and maintaining health and safety for your tree. Porterfield Stump and tree has the full expertise to both diagnosis and create an action plan to ensure that your tree is taken care of in a professional and skilled manner.

Safety & Proactive Tree Evaluations

Dead and dying trees are the biggest danger to your property, safety and the safety of your loved ones. During high winds or a major storm even healthy trees sometimes fall and cause damage. Dead and diseased trees are the first things to go, all too often creating catastrophic damage. Being proactive about removing dead trees and branches from your property is the best thing you can do to ensure your safety and the preservation of your assets!

Call Porterfield Stump and Tree today and let the professionals take care of your dead, dying or diseased tree today.

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Our tree experts are experienced at evaluating every facet of your tree to make sure it is a safe asset to your property. We always charge a fair price.

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How Do I Know If My Tree Needs An Evaluation?

We always try to err on the side of caution. If you think a tree looks like it might be dead or have a limb that looks like it is dead or dying. You should get it checked out immediately.  If you you noticed any fungus or if there are cracks in the trunk or anything else you have questions about, give Porterfield Stump and Tree a call. It is very affordable to have a tree evaluated. Our trained professionals do such a thorough inspection that by the end you will have complete peace of mind about your tree.

What Is Included In A Tree Evaluation From Porterfield Stump & Tree?

Porterfield Stump & Tree’s evaluation is very comprehensive. We fully examine your tree starting with overall structure, checking for dead dying and diseased areas. We analyze leaves, color, biomechanics, roots, soil, branches, trunk, fungus, pruning history, internal decay, possible fall zones, location and overall appearance.Our team of experts then makes a plan with you based on the results to ensure a safe future.

Is Your Company Insured?

Yes! We are have $2,000,000 in liability insurance. We are also licensed and bonded.