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Tree Cabling & Bracing for Athens GA & Watkinsville GA

At Porterfield Stump and tree we are devoted to the preservation of Athens and Watkinsville Trees. This sincere passion of our is evident in the work that we are able to do through bracing and cabling. Trees that are so often seen as lost causes and are cut down, we find ways to support and preserve them. This allows them to grow into safe productive trees that add value to our local neighborhoods.

Cabling and bracing techniques provide strengthening and redirection of trees that may be damaged or may be encroaching on a structure. At Porterfield Stump & Tree, we have a wealth of skills and experience in these areas.

In some cases, a tree may need to be cabled, for example, when getting to close to a house or walkway. Over time, sections of trees can weaken and require the need to be braced to support various limbs, or even the trunk itself. Many double-forked or multi-stemmed trees require cabling to improve their strength and stability.

Using the proper methods of cabling and bracing employed by Porterfield Stump & Tree can allow trees to endure years longer than they may otherwise have.

Safety Hazards & Our Approach

Trees that are structurally unsound or have been damaged by lightning or wind very quickly become safety hazards to your home, property and family. At Porterfield Stump and tree we put the responsibility of safety first. We want to ensure that the trees on your property create a safe peaceful environment. Our cabling approach will ensure that you can feel secure about your yard.

We do our best to create cabling and bracing systems that are not easily seen from the ground and won’t create an eye soar on your property. We understand that each tree is different and we use custom cabling and bracing techniques to best support your particular tree and situation.

Tree Cabling & Bracing Won’t Damage Your Trees

At Porterfield Stump and Tree the cabling and bracing systems we use in no way causes harm or does any damage to the tree. They take pressure and strain off branches that are under too much stress and insure that they are properly supported. This helps guarantees that the tree will no longer be a safety hazard.

Porterfield Stump and Tree is known throughout the Athens Watkinsville area as the fields leading expert on cabling and bracing. We have been able to save hundreds of local trees from being damaged or removed by employing our exclusive cabling and bracing techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more than 10 year we have been licensed by the state of Georgia to meet all of the Watkinsville, GA, Athens GA, and surrounding areas tree service needs. This includes tree cabling and tree bracing.

Not necessarily. If you have a healthy Athens or Watkinsville tree that is not getting too close to a structure or road, there is no need for tree cabling or bracing. Tree cabling and bracing is only used when trees are growing into places they shouldn’t, when certain branches of the tree are weak or leaning, and when part of the structure of the tree is unsafe. In these cases Porterfield’s tree cabling and bracing systems can be a great option. It allows your trees to grow in a healthy way while giving you peace of mind and a safe future. Absolutely get your trees evaluated before the Athens, Watkinsville storm season, to see if you need any cabling or bracing done.

At Porterfield Stump & Tree we take pride in our ability help trees become, strong, healthy, and safe though our expertise on tree cabling and tree bracing.

No. Our cabling and bracing system is engineered in such a way that it will not damage your tree in anyway long term. Our local to Athens and Watkinsville tree bracing and cabling systems will strengthen your tree over time. By taking stress off of certain branches and allowing others to redirect it gives your tree the environment it needs to become a safe, healthy and strong tree once more.

Yes. Having a tree that is forked or has multiple stems can cause a tree to be structurally unsafe. Instead of paying the much higher price to get your Athens or Watkinsville tree removed. We would recommend you look into Porterfield’s cabling and bracing methods. With cabling and bracing we create support for your tree and take the weight and stress off unstable branches. This allows your tree to continue growing without jeopardizing the safety of your Athens or Watkinsville home or business.

Great Question! Yes. Whether your structurally compromised tree is an old tree or a young tree, they both can both benefit from cabling and bracing. We recommend that you catch any weak structural branches as young as possible. If this hasn’t happened we have no problem cabling and bracing older trees. We have done many cabling and bracing jobs in the Watkinsville and Athens areas. We cable and brace for both structural weakness and to redirect branches out of the way of Athens or Watkinsville walkways, roads and homes.