Perfect Trimming: How Often Should You Trim Your Trees

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Perfect Trimming: How Often Should You Trim Your Trees

A well-maintained garden can be very relaxing, but it needs time and effort to keep it in perfect shape. This chore includes tree trimming.

The first thing about tree trimming is to know the type of tree you are working with. Some trees, like the red maple tree, usually require only a thinning of branches to maintain a good shape. Others may need more drastic pruning. Another factor you need to consider is how frequently you should carry out this task.

Before shopping for the necessary equipment, you should continue reading this article. You must read this thoroughly because over-pruning might lead to the tree’s death.

When Does Your Tree Need a Trim?

The answer to this question relies on several factors. One of which is your location. In some regions, trees require regular pruning to grow well.

The location is not the only factor determining the tree trimming frequency. Your type of tree also matters. For example, most trees can grow to a certain height. When they pass that height, you must cut the topmost branches to keep the tree nice and well-shaped.

Other factors that affect the frequency of tree trimming include the weather. During the winter, trees tend to develop dead branches. In such cases, you must cut them to protect the rest of the tree. However, you must be careful because you might cut more than necessary.

A good rule of thumb is to cut a branch when dead leaves or limbs. If you have a young tree, leaving the dead branches will not cause any harm. It is even a good idea to leave some of the branches. You should cut the dead branches if you have a mature tree.

Time of the Year Matters

If you can no longer remember when the last time was that you trimmed your trees, it would most likely mean that it is time to do so. Most trees require light trimming throughout the year. However, a heavy trimming is needed only when the trees are outgrowing their space.

If you can no longer tell which branches are growing towards the center of the tree and which ones are growing outwards, you might want to consider trimming. It can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Type of Tree

The type of tree you also have mattered. For example, when grown in the wild, a birch tree will grow with multiple branches at the top—a multi-trunked tree. You can keep this tree in shape by pruning the branches. Let us discuss a few examples.


They are hard to trim trees because this species can do the job itself. Evergreens are self-pruning, which means they will cut themselves. Unless you see anything wrong, you should not trim it.

Oak Trees

It would be best to stick to a rigid trimming schedule for this species. If you have a young oak tree, you can trim it every two to three years. On the other hand, if you have a mature oak tree, you can trim it every three to five years.


If you have a beautiful garden, you need to ensure that the trees are well-shaped. It is not enough to cut the branches that are growing outwards. You need to maintain their shape and size.

If you are still uncertain on how to proceed with this chore, you better contact Porterfield Stump & Tree. We offer tree services, such as tree trimming to Farmington residents. If you find your trees needing some TLC, contact us today at 706-714-8733 and book your schedule.