At Porterfield Stump and Tree we are committed to keeping trees whenever possible. Our extensive work with cabling, bracing, dead wooding, and trimming have saved many Athens, GA trees from being removed. There are a lot of reasons to have a tree removed; if it is pulling up the sidewalk or your driveway, if the tree is dropping unwanted fruit or sap, if you can’t keep up with the tree maintenance or if the root system is growing into your pipes.  The most important reason we feel to remove a tree is that it has become a danger to your home, family or business, and it should be looked at right away.

At Porterfield Stump and Tree we inspect trees on a daily basis to see if they are structurally sound and should be removed.

The first thing we look at is the tree as a whole. Is the tree leaning? Are the branches forked at the trunk? Is the tree overall structurally sound? Is the tree diseased? How much of the tree is visibly dead? Is it more than 50%? All of these things and more we take into consideration when looking at the overall health of your tree and determining if it is a safety hazard and if it is in your best interest to have the tree removed.

If a tree is growing too close to your home or business this is a good reason to have it removed. When a tree starts to grow into or over your home or business it can become a huge safety hazard. Wind storm can knock branches off onto your roof causing thousands in damage. The root systems can cause foundation and structural damage also very expensive.

One of the things that we will do is check your tree’s root systems. You can find out a lot about how the tree is doing by its roots. We check for structure, damage and rot. When there are problems with the root systems this can be one of the biggest red flags. The roots are what holds up the tree, so if there are problems with the roots you can be in big trouble. The tree could fall and is an extreme safety hazard. In these cases the tree should be removed immediately. Porterfield Stump and Tree has a perfect safety record and will perform any Athens, GA, tree removal safely and efficiently.

Porterfield Stump and tree will always look at the trunk of the tree.  We look for cracks or rotten places or anything that shows that the tree could be structurally compromised. You will often see infestation, rot and decay in the truck of the tree. We will inspect any cavities for structural deficiencies. If the tree is dying we can often see it in the trunk of the tree if the tree trunk is cracked or missing bark.

The staff at Porterfield Stump and Tree are all extensively trained and have years of experience to see exactly what is going on with any given tree. We have seen every problem that Athens, GA, trees face a hundred times over. We will be able to look at your tree and see if it is a safety hazard and tell you if Athens GA, tree removal is needed.