11049_871779430502_760558082_nDo it yourself tree stump removal is a big deal. Stumps are extremely difficult to remove without the use of a stump grinder. Before you take on your stump removal journey, give us a call for a free stump removal quote. If you’re any where near Athens, Watkinsville, Bogart, Winterville, Lake Oconee or the surrounding area, I can help you get your stumps removed quickly and for a great price. But, just in case you’re stubborn like me and like to do things yourself, here are some other, (much more difficult ways), you can remove a stump.

1. Chemicals – There aren’t any magic chemicals that will eliminate your your stump. You may consider, however, using chemicals to making the wood more porous and easier to burn. Porous wood can burn a little easier with more oxygen .

2. Burn it down! – Before you go douse gasoline on your stump and set it on fire, you should know that fire is a terribly slow process for eliminating a stump. Trees flare out when underground and the low oxygen in the stump can make it difficult to burn out of the ground. If you’re very patient and ready to have many fires – we recommend creating an oven with  metal or a bucket over the top of your stump and burning a little at a time.

3. Assisted Decomposition – If you have a tremendous amount of time, you may consider helping nature in decomposing your stump. This process takes years but it works. Start by drilling 1 inch holes in your stump and add a high nitrogen fertilizer, like cow manure. Insulate the stump with a tarp or cover it with pine straw, or the like, and keep it moist. After a year, use a carbon based additive like sugar instead of manure.

4. Get a Bigger Shovel – Good ole’ fashion labor can almost always do the job. With any luck, you had kids approximately 10-18 years prior to having your tree removed! You can dig your stump out with the use of yard tools like pick axes shovels and axes. We suggest digging a trench around the stump and eliminate the roots. Get ready for some work… this is going to take some time.

If you’re maybe starting to reconsider the DIY versions of stump removal, we understand! Stump grinding is quite simply the fastest and most efficient way to remove tree stumps. Our stump grinders will grind even the biggest stumps in no time.


Call for a free stump removal quote and get your stump out today!