3 Signs Your Trees Are In Need Of Cabling Or Bracing

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Adult trees that have deeply rooted and mature are not so easily toppled over. However, this doesn’t mean they will never, ever fall. Many adult trees still fall to the ground, and it isn’t someone who decided to cut them. Rather, prolonged exposure to disease and other forces like winds can weaken their foundation, causing them to topple over. As such, many trees end up requiring some form of structural support to ensure they do not crash and fall onto nearby properties or, worse, people.

That said, are you wondering if your trees require cabling or bracing? Here are a few signs to keep an eye out for:

Your Trees Are Leaning Severely

Your trees are going to lean a little to one side or another as they grow, but the trend is going to be noticed the most in the first year or two. After this time, the root system will be stronger, making it less likely for the trees to fall in the future. However, if you notice the leaning is happening even still as the trees continue to grow, then you might have a concern.

Apart from growth-related issues, other problems like soil erosion or storms can cause trees to lean more. The more it leans, the likelier it is to topple, so if you notice your trees leaning a lot, get them braced up or cabled.

Your Trees’ Limbs Overextends Horizontally

This is the part where you can tell if your trees have been leaning for too long. If you notice some of the main limbs are hanging down too far, it might be time to have the tree cabled. This can happen because, after some time, the trees will stop growing vertically. Rather, they will start growing horizontally, and if they go for long enough, it can put a lot of stress on the trunk and cause it to fall over. The limbs themselves may even break off!

If you do see that your tree’s limbs are extended too far out, cabling and bracing can support not only the tree itself but also the limbs to stop them from breaking off and causing problems.

Your Trees Have A V-Crotch Stem

Have you ever seen a tree that looks like it is growing a bit wider in the middle, even to the point that the trunk splits into a v-shape? This is known as a V-crotch, and it indicates that the tree is starting to fall over. The problem with a v-crotch is that the main tissue that supports both sides can be weak, and heavy winds can cause either side to break and fall.

With that in mind, if you notice the tree is starting to grow in the middle, it might be time to get them cabled up!


It is great to have trees in places like your residential properties to boost value and curb appeal. Unfortunately, these trees do not stand forever, and sooner or later, they will need some kind of support to remain standing. If you notice any of the above signs occurring with your trees, take action right away. If you don’t, you may end up facing far harsher consequences. So, save yourself the trouble and cable or brace your tree!

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