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Tree Planting Athens, GA & Watkinsville, GA

tree planting athensAt Porterfield Stump and Tree we are passionate about tree planting. Part of our sustainable future depends on the continuation of tree planting. We are absolute experts at tree installation and placement.

Having correctly planned and planted trees will transform the landscape and environment of your home. Having properly placed trees will also increase your home’s value. Any real estate agent will be happy to tell you that their clients will pay more for the right yard with the right trees.

Planting Trees for Your Future

We do all of our tree placement with the long term effects in mind. We won’t plant a tree with a large future root base next to your side walk or a tree that will reach 50ft right next to your house. We are experts at making sure that the right trees are planted in the right places. At Porterfield Stump and tree we know that 80% of all tree loss is due to improper planting. Our team of skilled tree installers have been planting trees in the area for years. Being knowledgeable about each trees special needs, the soil type and the proper procedures and follow ups are imperative for a good tree planting outcome. We know what each variety of tree needs to thrive and we will ensure that it is a healthy beautiful contribution to your landscape.

Athens, GA Tree Planting Experts

Porterfield stump and tree is a local company that knows the Athens, Watkinsville Georgia landscape inside and out.

Mistakes in the tree planting world can be costly both up front and in the future. Let the experts make the job easy for you and plant the trees in a way that you and your property deserve.

If you want help choosing trees to plant we are happy to make suggestions or if you want to talk to us about a specific type of tree we will be more than happy to help.

tree planting in athens ga

Contact Us Today For a Free Tree Planting Quote

about-us-footer-1It’s great that you are looking to add value to your home and property by planting beautiful trees! We have experience with all kinds of tree planting throughout the Athens, GA area and can help you choose the right trees to plant as well as help you ensure the tree gets planted correctly.


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Why is it Important to Hire a Professional Tree Planting Company?

We strongly recommend that you hire a company that can help you plant your trees properly.

Buying a tree is a big investment. Transplanting a tree is a huge risk and is one of the most sensitive moments in a tree’s life. Without the proper knowledge of tree growth patterns and proper tree planting practices, you run the risk of losing your investment.

We have years of tree planting experience in Georgia. We know what trees are going to be best for your property and how to protect your trees from dying. Porterfield Stump and Tree is happy to lend a helping hand in protecting the value and beauty of your new trees.

Do I Need a Permit to Trim My Trees?

Usually you wont need a permit to plant tress in Athens GA or the surrounding area. We encourage you to check with your local ordinances to be sure.

Is it Expensive to Hire a Professional Tree Planting Service?

Not at Porterfield!

Our tree planting prices are extremely affordable. Give us a call and we will be happy to give you a no cost – no obligation tree planting estimate.

What Are the Best Trees to Plant In Athens, GA?

That’s a great question! Choosing the right tree to plant is very important. We recommend that you plant trees that are native to the Athens, GA area. However, the right tree will differ from property to property and will depend on a number of factors including proximity to your home, sidewalk ,and driveway. We carry a long list native trees in Athens, GA and can help you choose the right one for your property.

Do You Carry Insurance on Tree Planting Services:?

Yes, we carry $2,000,000 of insurance on every job we go to.