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Stump Grinding Watkinsville, GA, & Athens GA,

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Watkinsville, GA, stump grinding is typically a service that many of our competing tree service companies leave for others. At Porterfield Stump & Tree, we aim to be a full-service solution for our clients. We believe that getting rid of stumps is important and we are happy to give you a free stump grinding estimate whether we removed your tree or someone else did.

Leaving a tree stump behind after a tree has been removed attracts unwanted insects including carpenter ants, termites and bees – just to name a few. These infestations can quickly begin colonizing and migrating to new areas of your property.  A rotting dead stump can also become the host to infectious diseases, parasites and fungi that can spread to other healthy trees on your property. Generally speaking, if you have a tree stump on your property you should have it removed professionally. Call Porterfield Stump and Tree today.

Athens Stump Removal - High Tech Meets Low Cost

Porterfield’s stump grinding Watkinsville, and Athens teams consists of trained experts and top of the line, high powered stump grinders.

What does all of that mean exactly? Well, that means we can chew through any stump you can throw at us. The tracks on our stump grinder reduce the risk of tearing up your property while we navigate to the stump and our stump grinding technicians can remove any stump in a matter of minutes.

Our stump grinding service will typically take a tree stump to 10-12 inches under the ground’s surface or possibly lower depending on what you intending to use the area for.  There is no stump to big or small for Porterfield Stump and Tree. We will put our high powered stump grinder to work and turn your once ugly stump into usable mulch. Porterfield Stump and Tree guarantees to remove your stump at a competitive & fair price.

We provide stump grinding services in Athens, Watkinsville, Bogart, Madison, Greensboro, Lake Oconee, Winterville, Arnoldsville, Augusta, Bishop, Crawford, Cuscowilla, Eatonton, Farmington, Madison, North Shoals High, Statham, and the surrounding Georgia areas.

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about-us-footer-1Our state of the art stump grinders can tackle the biggest and baddest stumps throughout the Athens, GA and Watkinsville, GA areas.


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How Long Will It Take To Grind My Stump?

That depends on what size of stump you have. Usually for our clients in the Watkinsville, Athens and surrounding areas, it is a very short process. Our high horse powered stump grinders can have an average size stump turned into mulch in a few minutes. Larger stumps take the stump grinder a little bit longer.  Depending on size and quantity of stumps you have it may take more or less time. On average we show up to your with our stump grinders and are gone in under an hour leaving your beautiful Watkinsville or Athens yard stump free.

Why Should I Have My Stump Removed?

Having stumps in your yard can be ugly and unsightly. You might want to use our stump grinding service just so your Watkinsville or Athens  neighbors to have to look at an eye soar everyday. Stump can cause tripping hazards and can be a be obnoxious to mow around. One of the biggest problems we see here in the Watkinsville, Athens area is that stumps left in the ground often become badly infested with bugs. Termites, carpenter ants bees and other insects quickly see your dying stump as their new home. These can spread to other trees healthy trees and in some cases cause a home infestation. Dead and dying stump are not something that you want to allow to stay on your property.

At Porterfield Stump and Tree we want to make getting rid of your unsightly stump as painless as possible. We employ friendly knowleg

Will I Be Left With A Huge Hole After Stump Grinding?

No. Where your stump previously resided will now be filled with a mix of mulch and dirt. The area is ready for you to landscape!

Will Your Stump Grinders Tear Up My Lawn?

No. Our stump grinders are completely grass safe. They won’t leave big gouges or tear up your landscaping. Most of the time after we are gone the only tell tail sign that we have been there is that there is no longer a stump!

Would It Be Cheaper To Just Rent My Own Stump Grinder?

No! Stump grinders that you rent are several hundred dollars. They usually have a lawn mower sized engine and take a lot of time and effort on your part to get the stump grinding done. Its harder with a small stump grinder to actually get the whole stump ground out. Also stump grinders and be dangerous and should only be run by a professional. We trained professionals at stump grinding and offer very affordable prices. We take all the hassle out of Watkinsville and Athens stump grinding.

Does Your Company Carry Insurance?

Absolutely! We carry insurance for every job we do, which includes $2,000,000 in liability insurance. We are also licensed and bonded. Always make sure that any company you do business with in the Watkinsville, Athens area is licensed, bonded and insured!