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Tree Service, Lake Oconee, GA

Porterfield Stump and Tree has been Serving the Lake Oconee, GA area since 2005. We are passionate about trees and creating beautiful neighborhoods and Georgia communities through our tree service expertise. Our team is made up of local professionals all from close by Lake Oconee, Georgia.  Our team calls this area home and we are committed to preserving Georgia’s beautiful forest and landscape whenever possible. At Porterfield Stump and tree we have a deep comprehension of the Lake Oconee’s regulations and unique difficulties of the local woodlands.  We are a team of professional with the highest quality equipment to get the job done with absolute precision every time. We provide tree service to all of Lake Oconee and the areas nearby. Porterfield stump and tree is known for its safe practices, quality work and competitive pricing. Porterfield Stump and Tree is Licensed, Bonded and Insured for Lake Oconee and surrounding areas. Call today and we will give you a free estimate on any tree service job!

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Tree Removal, Lake Oconee, GA

Lake Oconee, GA tree removal occasionally needs to happen. Our top of the line machinery, cranes and highly trained climbers make even the toughest tree removal jobs look easy. We offer 24 hour emergency service and will be at your Lake Oconee house quickly to remove a dangerous tree and ensure your safety. Porterfield Stump and tree is known for handling some of the hardest Lake Oconee, tree removal jobs. If you need a tree removal we will operate in the safest, least invasive way possible. We use cutting edge technology partnered with our team of experienced professionals to make sure every tree removal is a smooth work of art. We offer fair pricing! Get a free tree removal quote today!

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Tree Trimming, Lake Oconee, GA


Tree Trimming and Pruning should be done as a preventative measure and as insurance for your properties future. In most cases if you trim your trees professionally when needed, they will grow to be structurally sound. This ensures that you won’t have to deal with an expensive tree removal or safety hazards down the road. A well manicured, tree can add monetary value to your Lake Oconee property as well create beautiful surroundings for the neighborhoods we call home. Porterfield Stump and Tree are not only experts at tree trimming and pruning for structure and safety but also professionals at accentuating the natural beauty of your tree. We want to create secure, beautiful shelters that can shade your family’s memories for generations to come. Call today to find out why your Lake Oconee neighbors are raving about our tree trimming jobs!

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Stump Grinding, Lake Oconee, GA

If you have had a tree removed in the Lake Oconee area, always have the stump removed too. Having stumps left behind creates a home for infection or diseases that could hurt your other living trees. It also invites infestations of bees, carpenter ants and termites. A dead stump can be ugly and take away from the natural beauty of your Lake Oconee landscape. Stump removal from stump grinding, leaves room for new plant growth and after removal you don’t have to worry about the nuisance of mowing around it any longer. Porterfield Stump and Tree offers the highest quality stump removal service. Our high powered Stump Grinders turn any stump into usable mulch in just minutes. Call today to get a free quote for stump grinding in the Lake Oconee, GA area.

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