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Tree Service Bogart, GA

Are you looking for a low cost reputable tree service company in the Bogart GA area? You have come to the right place. Matt Porterfield owner of Porterfield Stump and Tree has lived his whole life in this region. He knows the Georgia wooded landscape and is an experienced tree surgeon.  There is no tree service job that is too big or too small for Porterfield stump and tree. Give us a call and we will give you an affordable quote on your tree service needs!

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Tree Removal Bogart, GA

Trees are a beautiful gift and removing a tree should only be done if there are no other possible options. Most of the time trees need to be removed because they are dying, in the way of a roadway or building, or they have become a safety hazard to a home or business. Removing a tree is a serious task and when done wrong it can have devastating consequences. At Porterfield Stump we are skilled experts at tree removal. With years of experience doing tree removal in the Bogart, GA area, our team will always make both safety and efficiency our top priority. We are licensed bonded and insured. Porterfield Stump and tree is just minutes away from your Bogart home. Call us today and let us give you a free tree removal estimate.

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Tree Trimming Bogart, GA


Tree Trimming and pruning are very necessary in creating strong healthy branches and maintaining overall heath for your tree.  Tree trimming and tree pruning is a very precise technical process that will ensure proper future growth and an increase in production in the case of fruit trees. Whether you are looking for tree trimming, pruning, wind thinning, or crown lifting Porterfield Stump and Tree does it all.  We know the Bogart area and understand what it takes to keep your trees beautiful, healthy and strong in the years to come.

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Tree Service Bogart, GA

At Porterfield Stump and Tree we have top of the line stump grinding equipment for any size stump removal job.  Leaving a stump in the ground can create many problems including; safety, annoyance, eye soars and bug infestations. With our high powered stump grinders we can have an entire stump removed and turned to saw dust in a matter of minutes. Call Porterfield Stump and Tree to get a free quote on our affordable stump grinding today!

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